Do you have some more questions we haven't answered here that you need answered before you're ready to book or are you just looking to lock in a free quote? You can give our talented customer service agents a call at any time at 832-648-2832, or send us an email at They will help you with anything you need such as quotes and reservations. You can call us when the time is right with you. You don't have to work around our schedule. When you call, please have the following ready so that we don't take up more of your time than necessary: name, phone number, email, date of reservation, time of reservation, number of passengers, pick up location and a credit or debit card. All that helps us to contact you and allows us to give you an accurate quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

A quick warning, getting a quote is not the same as making a reservation. All of our vehicles are on a first booked first served basis. Just because you called for a quote on our largest bus for 8pm on Jan. 31st doesn't mean it will still be available if you call back on Jan. 30th to book it, we picked that date because it will almost certainly not be available at that point. Until you agree to making a reservation and place a down payment we can not hold a bus for you. So it's imperative that you call us and formally make a reservation as soon as possible, especially for busy dates and seasons, like New Years, Wedding and Prom season, and big name concerts or music festivals and sporting events. If you are celebrating a birthday the whole city is less likely to be seeking chauffeured transportation, unless something else is going on that day. We always suggest as soon as you know you need a limousine or party bus rental and how many guests you will have, you call and book to make sure you are locked into the vehicle that you want and fits your needs. A concert would be a great example, once you buy tickets, and know which other friends have bought tickets, you should be calling us to make your booking because 5,000-30,000 other people will be going and if even 1 percent are looking for a limos or party buses that's basically every service in the area booked solid. Weddings also, you know how many are in the wedding party so you should be booking when you're sending out save the date cards.

Remember in order for us to provide you with an accurate quote or to book your reservation we need to know some information about your trip, so make sure we are providing you with the proper service designed to meet your needs. First thing we are going to need to know your name, number and address (which is presumably your pickup location, if not let us know) that way we can get your quote saved into the system when you call back to officially book it. Second is your first or main destination, Next we need to know how many guests you will be traveling with and which vehicle you want, to make sure we can legally allow that many people in that vehicle, and above that if they will be comfortable. Up next is the date and time you want your reservation for to make sure that vehicle is available. It's also helpful to let us know what kind of event or occasion, we often have special packages for weddings and birthdays. Lastly, to book you will need to make a down payment on a credit card.